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Balaika has been making daily deliveries of fresh organic Bananas to the heart of Cairo for seven years. This makes it one of the oldest Organic companies in Egypt.

Balaika bananas come from our farm on the banks of the Nile, where we have been farming using organic methods for fourteen years.

The Egyptian Delta has been famous, since Ancient times, for being one of the richest areas of agricultural land in the world. But the modern age has seen this natural gift undermined by increasing use of chemical fertilizers and insect control.

In 1992, the Balaika banana farm decided to give its land a new lease of life by replacing all use of chemical fertilizer and artificial pest control with exclusively organic methods. We then went a step further and introduced the more sophisticated guidelines of biodynamic agriculture. This made us eligible, in 1997 for the coveted Demeter certification.

Produced from this rich fertile soil and Egyptian sun Balaika Bananas are the most delicious bananas in the world!