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We grow two types of bananas, Grand Nain and Giant Cavendish. Our main type, the Giant Cavendish has been traditionally grown in Egypt. Locally it is known as Musa Maghrabi.

The Maghrabi is an average-sized and delicate banana with a thin skin. This makes it delicate to handle, but it is worth the trouble, because it has a subtle aroma, a sweet taste and a firm texture. These characteristics are enhanced by the organic farming methods we use to grow them.

In order to be able to distribute this special treat on a wider basis, we have built a modern ripening room that conforms with the guidelines of organic produce. Only the best bananas are chosen from the field, picked very carefully by hand, and washed, air-dried and packed, also by hand.

Balaika Bananas are seasonal. The 300-odd tonnes a year of bananas that we produce are sold from October through to April. Only bananas harvested during this period have the quality of taste and texture that we require.

Our bananas are biodynamically certified by the Demeter Bund through the Center of Organic Agriculture in Egypt (COAE). They obtained the Demeter Certificate in September of 1997. Balaika bananas are now distributed only in Cairo, Egypt. In Cairo you will find them at the best greengrocers in the districts of Zamalek and Maadi, and in most branches of the best supermarkets, namely Seoudi, Metro and Carrefour.